by Contra Code

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Recorded January 2013 at Rain City Records


released April 15, 2013

Paul Sarrazin - Guitar, Vocals
Tim Murray - Bass, Vocals
Branden Norris - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Leslie - Drums
(Matt Ryan plays Bass on Sickrad EP)

Mixed and Mastered by Stu McKillop

Artwork by Gareth Fowler

For a physical copy or Tshirts and Merch contact us on Facebook or contracode dot bigcartel dot com



all rights reserved


Contra Code Vancouver, British Columbia

Punk band out of Vancouver, BC.
We also like to party.


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Track Name: Slay Them All
You got some fuckin nerve to deny us
You systematically deprive us
Indifference rooted deep in bias
Your lies are obvious you know your role
Renounce our faith
In saints disgraced
Who subjugate
With no restraint
Won't tolerate
It's in our face
we're gonna run you out of town
You know we're gonna run you out of town
Show us some respect
Renounce our faith
In saints disgraced
Who subjugate
With no restraint
Won't tolerate
It's in our face
You'll hear us say
Fuck you, you've lost today
Track Name: Boring Damn You
If I start this rant to myself
I know my blood will boil, my work'll seem pointless.
You'll seem smug, even though you're somewhere else.
I hate your ghost, that part of you is dead
it's just inside my head.
My mind refuses to let go.
Dragging up the past is a dangerous game.
Forever second guessing set plays.
I still don't know which one to blame.
When we met, your eyes were like the sunrise
When you left, I just watched you like the sunset
Now the days are what they never would have been
And you may have sent me on my way
but I won't come crawling back again
Track Name: Assaulted Peanuts
"Baby, it's late or something I ate. The dog was watching, or perhaps a headache."
Some of us use booze, take pills that are blue
Don't choose what they want, don't want what they choose.
"I swear this never happens every single time"
Cause you can't face yourself yet
Get out of the lake
If you don't want to get wet
Woah it's a man's game
I want to dive in the river
Can't swim
Track Name: Circuit Dive
In a dim lit room with an open floor
and some stamps and cash swapped at the door
we gather counter culture.
Pushed to the corner of the scene
while apathy goes mainstream.
Circle pits, circling vultures.
Another stage, another overused PA
I wouldn't trade it for the world tonight
If it's the alternative to buying in
to popular demand for what a band
should look and sound like.
Fight back with your independence, what
they offer is condescending when
there's just no need to compromise.
In here we can hear the change we crave
with less bullshit getting in the way.
A change from the industries of lies everyday
Ya the best shit still survives in shady dives
where what you hear is what you get.
It's the last stand of the unknown bands
whose integrity won't be overcome yet
This rounds for you
Track Name: Wayne Doesn't Like Apples
Corrupt Plutocracy, you lack transparency, don't fuckin count on me.
Well I don't vote cause I won't bring a knife to a gunfight
I can't feign attention while they pretend to explain themselves to us all.
I don't doubt it's an empty gesture dress recital.
Like the grand opening of a business to govern business as usual.
All they're built on are shareholders, threats of war,
and the people who elect reality TV stars
Well you're in my face cause I waste my "civic privilege"
I got a right to complain even if I won't play your broken game
And I'm not jaded, but where's my choice?
When none of these oily-handshake-jokes would risk their corporate funding to get my vote?
Fuck their campaign, campaign for the truth
Track Name: Flagship
I used to think that I could help.
maybe I still can turn the tides, but I can't tell.
Or take another loan out to support an understated cultural groundswell.
I can hear them laughing at the bank.
That sponsorship has sailed and sank.
The writing's on the wall,
but the right side of my brain can't make out the words at all.
Cut to the bone, blood from a stone
All on the line, ready to die, fighting to live
Restraining, I'm straining my voice
Creating, creating a choice